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Vanquish Fat Removal at Hogan Laser center

Body Contouring – “As The Clock Ticks”

Vanquish at Hogan Laser Center




Vanquish Fat Removal at Hogan Laser centerVanquish Fat Removal

As the clock ticks, we age, we lose the youthful firmness of our skin, everything wants to head south and we do not appreciate it. We work hard, we work out, we watch what we eat. Yet still the changes occur. Our objective is to look the best that we can with the biologic gifts we are given by our parents.
We look for ways to rejuvenate our appearance. There are a multitude of possibilities and the most common request is: how do I lose this area that was not present before the children? Can I lose the small area of fat that has arrived on my waist, on my thighs, or on my arms etc.
We have several options and one of these includes the latest technology in radio frequency fat dissolving. Enter (Vanquish and Exilis). This new technology is showing promise in the world of cosmetic body sculpting. It is a radio wave technology that focuses on unwanted areas of fat and does not require a surgical procedure. It is recommended that you have one treatment for every decade of your age, at weekly intervals. The fat is liberated from the deep area and is absorbed by tour lymphatic system and eliminated.
The gold standard (Smart Lipo) is a laser assisted device which requires small incisions to access the fat, this device directly damages the fat cells which are then suctioned out resulting in an immediate removal of the fat. It also creates enough heat to the deep skin to stimulate skin contraction.
For aging skin again the gold standard is still a laser procedure (CO2 Fractionated microdermabrasion) this procedure creates tiny thermal lesions that penetrate into the deep layer of the skin and stimulate collagen and elastin deposition. It liberates stem cells which contribute to thicker more youthful skin. The added heat results in skin tightening. CO2 microdermabrasion also has the added benefit of reducing areas of pigmentation. The results are quite dramatic and your down time is minimal.

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