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Botox:  What is it ? How does it work?

Botox: What is it ? How does it work?

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Botulinum is a protein that acts as a neurotoxin it is produced by the bacteria Clostridium Botulinum. Prof. Emile Pierre Van Ermengem in Belgium first discovered the bacteria in 1895.

It has been refined through the years and has found use in many medical applications and more recently in cosmetics.

The toxin injected in very small doses serves to block nerve endings preventing the release of acetylcholine a neurotransmitter that results in muscle contraction.
The contraction (Dynamic phase) of muscles movement is the action that results in facial creases.
By blocking this neurotransmitter, the muscle can no longer contract and facial frowns are no longer seen. The result is a younger looking face.
There are some 43 muscles in the face and many of them are very flat and hard to identify even in vivisection.
All of these tiny muscles contribute to the facial expressions. It is largely through facial expressions that we are able to effectively communication with others.
There are muscles that make the jaw move so that you can eat, there are multiple small muscles that allow you to smile blink or frown, open and close your eyes.
Also working with these muscles are the small tendinous and ligamentous structures that hold our faces together. There are also many nerves that feed all of this. Then we have a lovely layer of fat that smooth out these structures.
The use of botox is dependent on a thorough knowledge of where, why and how much botox should be used.

Botox is a prescription medicine that should only be used by trained medical practitioners who are extremely familiar with facial anatomy and muscle dynamics.

Botox-A is now used around the world to reduce frown lines about the face and folds in the neck. It is the most frequently used cosmetic pharmaceutical.
Used appropriately it can enhance facial expression and make a huge difference to your appearance. Used indiscriminately it can cause you some anxiety.
Be aware that Botox is a temporary fix that helps until your immune system finds a way to re-recruit the medicated nerve endings and open up new nerve endings that will activate the muscle once again.
We anticipate about a 3 to 4 month effect before further supplementation might be required. The stronger the muscle the more Botox is required to do the job.

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