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Hogan Laser Center - Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Rejuvenation

Hogan Laser Center - Facial Rejuvenation

Consider a facial rejuvenation, think outside of the box and evaluate you wants and needs as you would any long term commitment. Your skin and facial features are the first and most important strength in relationships.

When you come face to face with a business contact, a family member or a romantic partner it is your face that is seen foremost. Why tolerate the ravishes of time and the environment when you can push it back a little. There are a multitude of things you can do to brighten your appearance. Just look at any magazine and count the number of ads for cosmetics and treatments. Many of these appeal to beauty and do not deliver the goods.
In the real world, there are thankfully some excellent interventions that you can take advantage of.
You can have a skin peel that gives temporary improvements and you can repeat the peels on a regular basis, you are not however changing the underlying problem and reversing the process. Cosmetics are wonderful while they are on the skin, they cover those little defects that are unwelcome, but cosmetics are short lived and underneath nothing is changed. You can fill some creases with the multitude of fillers but again most of these have a limited life span and can only treat small areas at any point in time. You can use Botox and get excellent reductions in dynamic facial wrinkling, but once again it is unfortunately only a temporary fix.
Two of the most important features that are noticed by everyone are your teeth and your hair. You must take care of these and maintain good healthy dentition and nicely groomed and if necessary hair color. Your skin is of course the major organ that will allow others to determine your age. It just happens to be the single largest organ in the body and it performs many functions. It keeps the rain out and the insides in, it manufactures hormones, secretes oils, makes pigment to protect you from the sun. It is flexible but durable and it comes in all colors. It also is a manufacturing center and repairs itself on a daily basis. Your skin is one of your greatest assets that you should be taking care of “For Life”. It deserves protection from the sun and the environment and it requires some maintenance to keep it as strong and young as possible. Consider consulting with your doctor and putting together a plan that will work for you so that you can hold back time and look as good as you can do but with a little help along the way. Determining which treatment is best for your skin to ensure the best results starts with a FREE consultation…Call Us TODAY!

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