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Madonna Lift – Fractionated Laser Treatments for sagging eyes

Madonna Lift

Madonna Lift – Fractionated Laser Treatments for sagging eyes.

One of the greatest concern as we age is the appearance of our eyes. The appearance of the eyes gives away our age as we develop crows feet, drooping, saggy, wrinkled skin that develops over time and with sun exposure.

A procedure called the Madonna Lift developed by Dr. Bruce Katz in New York has revolutionized the treatment of these conditions by using the fractionated CO2 laser.

The laser itself is a medical device that replaces the need for a surgical blepharoplasty.

The process delivers a laser thermal stimulus to the eyelids and does several beneficial things to the skin.

  1. it removes the outer layer of dead skin called the stratum Corneum.
  2. It reduces any dark spots that have developed due to sun damage
  3. It contracts the skin to reduce the fine creases
  4. It stimulates the production of Collagen and elastin, essential proteins that strengthen the skin.

Because the skin covering the eyes is very fragile several treatments are required for most of us.

Using the column of laser light activates the surrounding stem cells to repair the thermal treatment. Because the procedure is a fractionated laser delivery system, the down time is minimal. Usually a little swelling for 2 or 3 days is followed by about 7 -10 days of redness. Makeup can be safely applied on day 2 to minimize the redness.

By doing the Madonna Lift you avoid all of the complications of a surgical procedure. Complications range from suture care, suture removal, infection, swelling, asymmetry and raccoon eyes from bleeding. The only aging appearance not addressed by this procedure is the bulging fat pads that develop as the fat pad slips down from the malar cheek, exposing the eye fat pads that stay tethered under the eyes.

Special eye shields are placed to protect your eyes and anaesthesia is done by the application of a skin cream 60 minutes and 30 minutes prior to the procedure.


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