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Dr. Michael Hogan

The Importance of Physician Supervised Procedures

Dr. Michael Hogan - Physician supervised

Why should I go to a cosmetic center that has a medical doctor in house (actually available in the office. This is a question that we should all be asking, but very few actually do ask. We have become so complacent with cosmetic services that we have forgotten that most of them are invasive and can be harmful if used incorrectly. For this reason, it is extremely important that procedures be physician supervised.
For instance Botox a neuromuscular blocking toxin has become the new (hair coloring). The effect of a poorly placed injection can result in four to six months of facial asymmetry. Penetrating the skin with fillers and toxic medications cab be an avenue for infections and with the endemic prolific exposure to MRSA can be a devastating unwanted event. If it occurs then only a physician has the skills and the license to treat.
Lasers are a very hot ray of concentrated photoelectric energy. They are used to damage tissue in order to stimulate (the immune system) to hopefully rejuvenate sedentary tissue (i.e. Collagen and elastin). They are used also to selectively destroy tissue (i.e. veins, pigment, lesions and hair), hopefully in a controlled manner.
The laser and other concentrated light source devices are extremely dangerous medical instruments that have the capacity to cause a multitude of negative effects. Some states limit laser use to physicians only for reasons of patient safety.
A physician supervisor is only effective if he or she is on site. Close supervision requires that they be available to review and analyze potential problems before they occur not after they occur.
If they are not available to intervene, they are restricted to treating the condition after the fact. Many cosmeceuticals are also sold without the physician being in attendance and this is not the intent of these drugs. Cosmeceuticals are developed and used to increase collagen and elastin formation, or are used to reduce hyperpigmentation by destroying melanosomes in the dermis of the skin.
Many procedures can safely be conducted without a medical doctor on site, but it should be a consideration when you are electing to have a cosmetic procedure done outside of a medical doctors facility.
“Caveat emptor”

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